Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Must Read!! Top 10 Common Lies Lagos Girls Tell Guys

1. I have a boyfriend but he is not in this country: 
This is a common lie Lagos ladies like to tell always. While that may be true, it is mostly going to be a lie if you truly check. Lagos ladies tell the lies to make you back off or for you to know they are connected with a guy abroad in which case it has become a status symbol
2. The lecturer called me but I didn’t go to see him: 
Well, that is an absolute lie. Lecturers are demi-gods in our universities. When they send for female students, it is always for a reason. She probably wants you to believe she has not had any dealings with a lecturer
3. I am not bleaching my skin, we are naturally light in my family: 
While this may be true, many girls in Lagos are bleaching their skin.
4. I am on my period: 
If a girl visits a guy and its time to get down, be sure the girl will come at the guy with the red flag excuse.
5. I went to visit a guy and he gave me 100k: 
Lagos girls like to prize themselves for the highest bidder. When a girl tells you this, it means you have to buckle up and be prepared to spend the naira.
6. I don’t love guys because of their money: 
Don’t be deceived. She is playing the good girl to enter your heart. Once she has your attention, she will come for the kill.
7. He is just a friend: 
Well, the other guy is not her enemy either. But remember male friends can do what a normal guy can do a girl.
8. I love you too: 
Well, love is relative. She may love you for anything.
9. I will call you: 
No she won’t, she will flash you.
10. I don’t eat much: 
Lagos girls like food. Don’t be deceived

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